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  1. Malar Gandhi

    Very tempting picture...wonderful choice of veggies, lovely colors...

  2. Simran

    Hi Jayasri! Thanks for stopping by. I cant find your mail id. Can you please mail me so I can send you details about the book club.

  3. Malar Gandhi

    Whooo, thats real tempting...


    thatz yummy pasta. I love all types of pastas

  5. Nina

    Thanks for ur comments on my blog...looks great.i've never worked with tagliatelle...sounds interesting!

  6. Usha

    Very unique combination of flavors, looks colorful and inviting !

  7. Ramya Vijaykumar

    This is a new dish and the name itself is very interesting!!! infact those step by step pics help us so much, thanks to your kids!!!


    Yummy dish! Absolutely new to me! sounds mouthwatering!

  9. Parita

    Love the mango+coconut sauce,very innovative! one question though, was the sauce sweet becoz of mango pulp?

  10. Priya

    Woww such a tempting and fantastic dish, very colourful with all those veggies and the mango coconut spiced sauce looks really rich and yummy..

  11. kitchen queen

    nice yummy and colourful dish.

  12. meeso

    Wow, that looks excellent! Colorful and full of flavor!

  13. Cool Lassi(e)

    Very delectable looking dish. Love the step by step presentation. Looks like lot of work went into making this dish!A job well done!

  14. Nithu Bala

    This looks really the pictures:-)

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