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  1. Ms.Chitchat

    Very healthy recipe. Never heard of this. Thanks for sharing,would definitely give a try.

  2. Cool Lassi(e)

    Looking great. Introducing oats to the recipe is very innovative!

  3. Tina

    Looks new and delicious...

  4. Priya

    Wow akki rotti with oats, truly a healthy dish to enjoy! yumm..

  5. jayasri

    Hi thanks ri LG, neevu heggidira, antha difference yenu gothaagilla so yellarigu ishta aaythu. please try it.
    thanks kitchen queen for your lovely comments

  6. kitchen queen

    nice and healthy.

  7. LG

    My sis has been telling me to make this rotti from a long time but somehow it is not happening. I have to try it soon. Rotti with pickle looks delicious.

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