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  1. Priya

    Hi jaya, thanks for ur interest towards hosting CWS..sure will reserve November for u..thanks again dear..

  2. AdukalaVishesham

    wow this looks really good...never tried anything like this... but this is interesting..

  3. Ramya Vijaykumar

    OMG, love the pics they are so tempting and filling to look at... Cheesy, creamy and rich dish!!!

  4. jayasri

    As I said earlier, I did not know what I was doing I just whipped up this and that, and then I had to search a name for this, and I came to see that their is a recipe with this name, that's why I wrote it as tweeked!!, may be if I had just stuck to the real Au gratin ,then too my kids would have loved it.., I start with a recipe and in the end I entirely end up with something!!, Oh! thanks very that you all liked it!!
    If you like cheese and potatoes I think this is a perfect dish!!, and quick to make, like a one pot meal, My children didn't eat anything after this portion!!,
    Hi Asha & usha thanks for your comments
    Hi sarah and Faiza, it's lovely to see you visiting me and leaving a comment, that is so pleasing to me...
    Hi thanks again everybody

  5. Faiza Ali

    Oh I love gratin...your recipe is very interesting...would love to try this soon.

  6. Usha

    I second what Asha said, it is very difficult to blog everyday ! The gratin looks yum and I had a good laugh at "Dosa vaaram" I remember hearing Rajni vaaram etc on sun tv...

  7. Sarah Naveen

    I am yet to try this..great recipe and looks so yummy!!1

  8. Asha

    Blogging everyday is hard indeed unless you write few sentences and a quick recipe. You are doing well. Love the spicy Augratin, perfect.

  9. Jisha Dil


  10. jayasri

    Hi Nitya, priya and jyothi thanks for the lovely comments, it looked fantastic and kids said tasted fantastic too.., I do not know absolutely, sorry friends I can't just eat it, too cheeesy....!!!

  11. Jyoti

    this one looks so tempting! I am bowled..



  12. Priya

    Just love gratin, its a famous dish here...Urs looks fantastic and soo cheesy...

  13. Nithya

    Wow.. I have been waiting to make this for a long time.. this recipe is impressive. would surely try it out soon.

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