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  1. AdukalaVishesham

    really informative post and finally good a chance to know the truth behind the saying of "Don't use green potatoes"...

  2. meeso

    Looks delicious, and potatoes are such an awesome veggie!

  3. Sarah Naveen

    Wow!! that looks so yummy!!
    First time here..cute space..

  4. Asha

    Yeah, green Potatoes are bad. I think they are plucked out earlier than necessary before they are ready, so they become toxic. Must not use it. Great info here, good one.

    Saagu is mouthwatering, yum. Haven'[t made it in a long time, must do!:)

  5. Priya

    Delicious potato saagu looks fabulous and goes perfect with rotis..

  6. ruchikacooks

    Nice tip on the potato with green bits. I usually discard them. Aloo saag looks yummy, good for the weather.

  7. Malar Gandhi

    Wonderful curry, love it:)

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