How to Make your own Culture to make your own Yoghurt
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Make your own Yoghurt with your own culture delicious and creamy, with no hi-fi techniques with simple pantry ingredients found in your home, Home made from scratch
Recipe type: All time
Cuisine: Indian
  • ½ cup warm milk
  • 6 to 10 stalks of dried Red chillies or 2 to 3 whole dried red chillies
  1. Milk should be luke warm, take any bowl or cup to this add luke warm milk and stalks of dried chillies or dried whole chillies close the lid and leave it in a warm place for few hours, probably over night if you are in a cold country. may be 5 to 6 hours in a warm country.
  2. After few hours you can check to see that the milk would have set to become Yoghurt.
  3. Take luke warm milk, that is how much you have planned to make to that add a tbsp of this culture mix well so it gets dissolved well and again keep it in a warm place to get wonderful thick like Ice cream yoghurt to enjoy
I usually make from 2 to 3 pints ( say 1 to 2 litres) and use 1 tbsp of the culture to make it.
It is important to have luke warm milk, if it is too warm the end product will curdle which you don't want. Below I have mentioned two ways You can choose either way to make it
When I was in India I used to boil milk and let it cool down to luke warm and then make yoghurt.
I also do the above method or sometimes I just warm one glass of milk to 50 sec in my microwave and mix it with the remaining milk around 1 litre which evens out the temperature to luke warm and then proceed by adding 1 tbsp of the culture.
After coming here I just take a cup
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