Sweet Bread/Special Bread/Milk Bread from Bangalore Iyengar’s Bakery

This is the speciality bread from  Bangalore Iyengar’s Bakery  that most of south Indian people would have devoured and cherished, Actually I never had any idea about this bread, as I never ate bread so much.  The maximum I ate bread was only with bread toasted in Iyengar Bakery style with veggies or of course did I forget to tell you my favourite Bread if I ever ate was Khara Bread.  My Kids use to eat them with jams and they would love it.
Many things change in life, when I think now, I never use to buy lot of bakery food as I always disliked my children eating anything which has yeast and Baking soda or powder in it.   Now,  everyday they take only sandwiches to  school, they don’t like anything Indian food in their lunch box, I give them wholemeal bread though and with some vegetables, cheese and lettuces and salad leaves.
Slowly I started to learn baking, I was so scared to use the oven didn’t know how it worked first and then slowly I started home fries, ready made pizza bases etc.,
Now, My love for Baking has become a passion,  no an obsession I think, as my sister was joking the other day maybe it is because it is the blood in you.  Wondering what I am talking about, well, I come from a bakers family, As I was saying earlier Iyengars Bakeries are very famous in Bangalore, all of them come from in & around villages from Hassan district, we have a diety in Bylahally called Lakshmi Janardhana, which I think most of you have must seen in the boards saying LG Iyengar’s Bakery, all of them have a photo of this God, My forefathers and lot of my cousins have bakeries in most of South India. But, now a days most of my cousins are not interested in bakeries even their children are not interested either, most of them have gone into professional courses and have gone far and wide.   But, some of them still are going in the business, Check that link to see more about the God,  Kyatnahalli, is an other village in Hassan district.  Some of my family do come from that village too. The Bramha ratotsavam of this Lord Lakshmi Janardhana takes places every year during the month of January between 12th or 13th.  If you go their you can see all the Bakery owners from all over the place come to attend and nobody likes to miss this opportunity.  This God is a very small diety, but very famous.  They serve a lovely lunch and brunch during ratotsavam and the puliyodarai is just very famous too, served as a prasadam.
Coming back to the Recipe, I thought of getting this only when Harini of Tounge Ticklers, wrote to me about this, she was so interested in this recipe, So around 3 months back I called my cousins Ramprasad & Krishna both have bakeries in Bangalore, to find out about this recipe, They of course told me in their version of making in big bulks and I tried it thrice and flopped each time, their was some problem, but what I learnt from this was patience, my patience the 4th time gave me the best results.  During diwali I baked this bread that was saturday, my friends were here with me, and they gave me a thumbs up sign saying I have done it, and said it was just like the bread they relished in Bangalore, I was so happy, clapped my hands with tears of joy !!, So Harini this recipe is especially for you love, who was behind my mind to bake this bread.
I have updated this post and removed the Original amount which my cousins gave me as it was a bit difficult to work out and this is my Home baking version.
375- 400 grms APF/Maida (around 3 &  1/2 cups)
75 grms Sugar
25 grms Milk powder
2.5 grms salt
37.5 grms Oil
2 tsp / 7 to 8 grms Yeast
1  Cup water
In a bowl take 2 to 3 tbsp of Luke  warm water and add yeast to it with a tsp of sugar, mix it up and allow it to froth up in a warm place. This helps us in confirming that the yeast is still active.
Take flour, milk powder, sugar and salt , mix them all together.Once the yeast froths up add it to the flour mixture and then the oil and mix it well
Then start adding water until it forms  into a soft dough.
Knead for 10-15 minutes with the help of dipping your hand in the flour now &  then.
Keep the dough in a bowl, cover with a clean damp towel or pat a bit of oil to the dough so that it won’t dry and cover the bowl with a cling film and leave it in a warm place until it rises doubled in size.
Once it completely raises in double take it out, give a punch and handle the dough like a flower and knead it softly for an other 5 minutes.Shape the dough and place in greased tin or on a baking tray or in a loaf pan lined with parchment paper or  however you always bake your breads.
Spray a little oil on the cling film and cover it again and leave it in a warm place once again and allow it to raise until doubled in volume, Once it is  raised take the cling film. Bake in an oven, preheated to 230 degrees ( 450 degree Fahrenheit/ Gas mark 8) for 10 minutes, then reduce the temperature to Gas mark 6 and bake for  30-35 minutes.The baked loaf should sound hollow when tapped underneath take the loaf out of the tin and cool on a cooling  rack.


Which I feel is very important as the way my cousins described to me was little bit different one of them said to take the amount of water he told and asked me to put salt, sugar, yeast and oil in it and then add the flour & milk powder to it and make it into a dough, the other didn’t say anything about mixing as he was busy with the customers!!, so I had to write down anything he told me over the phone and did not disturb him during his business hours, well it was fun, So what I did was I quartered the recipe , but the flour wasn’t enough when I  made the dough. Dough becomes so sticky I had tried with 500 gms of flour too.., So I started mixing more flour but did not increase any other ingredients and maintained them as it was, when the dough became stick I kept increasing the flour and stopped until it became less sticky and I could handle the dough easily when I was kneading if it became sticky when kneading I dipped my hand just in dough take it out and start kneading again, that way I was not adding any more flour but I got the job done!! bravo.., then came the raising section and that was the best part, even the weather didn’t help may be people leaving in India might be lucky as it is quite warm up there, mine took 24 hours and I had to wait with  lot of patience and didn’t do anything until it doubled in size, I left in the fridge overnight then took it out in the morning and left it in a warm place Once it raised I punched it, kneaded it again softly the dough will be a bit sticky handle with care and put it back in the loaf tin and left it again for it to raise again and then, I had lot of patience as I had thrown the baked dough thrice, that’s it no more wasting so patience was my key…, job done Lo!! here is my lovely soft sweet bread, you all must give it a try, they were just so soft as the shop bought ones and I couldn’t believe it myself.
So I like to thank Harini, & my cousins who gave me this recipe and I achieved it at last..,
Last but not least because of this bread I web searched and got this web address kaythnahalli where in |I watched this year’s Rathothsavam of Lord Lakshmi Jhanardhana, in a video coverage.

  1. Hello jayasri, I am from Bangalore and super big fan of the original iyengar bakeries- Hassan iyengar a, SLV, VV bakery…. And living in the UK also a fan of the great British bake off show. I insist that you participate, your bakes are so original and inspiring. And you come from a family of bakers what else you need. Request you to participate

    • Hahahaha Thank you, so much Lakshmi you made my day. I don’t think I am not up to that level, I just bake for a hobby and happiness.

  2. Hello jayasri,
    I am also from Bangalore and was longing for this bread for now that I am away from Bangalore in london. Your recipe and the your research made me try it (the spring weather encouraged me). And it was a success
    I am looking forward to make it a regular like we make idli/dosa batter.
    Many thanks for your recipe

  3. Very nice recipe..I was searching for Sweet Bread recipe and just caught here! This Bread looks exactly same like the Iyengar Bakery ones!
    You have a nice collection of recipes..will be happy to visit your space again 🙂


  4. A very Happy Independence day to you too Koolash, I am really sorry for not updating to you, I went on holiday for a month to India, but did try out this recipe in my bread maker and it turned out very well, I tried it on the day I left to Bangalore but because of lot of other things (My father-in-law passed away so I was busy with the rituals) I completely forgot to write to you, I have lost one of my blades after I came back I am searching for it give me a week’s time I will post it soon. It turned out very well and I tried it with wholewheat flour, I had to make few changes though, sorry once again for this

    • Hi Jayasri avare,

      Did you get a chance to look into this recipe. Please let me know about the ingredients and measure for the same.I would greatly appreciate your reply.


  5. Hi Jayasri avare,

    Happy Independence day to you. Did you get a chance to look into this? Don’t want to sound like I am pushing you. Somehow I am very confident that my bread is going to turn out exactly like the way it is in your picture. I just want to make sure I have the right measure of ingredients. Here is the breadmaker I have purchased – http://www.sears.com/kenmore-2lb-bread-maker/p-00829720000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1 I am really really looking forward to your recipe. Please share it with me.


  6. Bread looks really good. I am trying to replicate this in a bread maker. Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi Koolash, yes its really a wonderful bread I have not tried it in a bread machine, Now when you asked I have been thinking about it, give me little time probably 2 to 3 days, I have a bread machine, I will definitely try it out and tell you

    • Perfect, I would really appreciate that. I recently ordered a bread maker and I have not even opened it from the box. I am just hoping to make something like this more regularly and quickly and so this request. If you can also share a few eggless cake recipes, that would be wonderful. 🙂

  7. Hai … your recepie sounds very interesting. i was searching through the net for bangalore bakery sweet bun recipie with raisins. i din’t get any.there are only kara bun ones , alas.i wanted to know if i can try the same recipie for sweet bun. Can you please give me any suggestions if any .. should i change the water quantity etc…etc…

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  9. wow This is a recipe that I have been craving for!!

    Any changes you can contact ur cousins for the recipe of the Khara Buns? I LOVE the VB bakery ones!

  10. Jayasri, thank you so much for your recipe too. I will try this next month and see how it comes out for me. I love Bakery style buns! :))

  11. hi sunshine, thank you, so much that you liked it, you are a good baker so, I know you would do it better than me.
    Hi lata, yes please do try, you will love it, I did this in a trial and error method, you must have seen in my verdict, I hope when Harini tries she will give us correct measurments, as jayasree was asking I thought I will do it again, for her, do try and have fun, but don’t forget about the raise!!
    Hi A2Z, thanks for visiting my blog and hope you will come back again.

  12. Jayasri, I am trying this asap. Let me test my very own patience level:) I am copying every word including your verdict!

  13. Ha ha! This was quite an adventure for you, wasn’t it? Thanks for the wonderful recipe. This is actually better than an award:)

  14. Isn’t it ? I loved it I never thought I could ever succeed thanks nitya, kitchen queen, sushma you must all try this..,
    jayasree, you want me to give the measurment in cups and spoons, I will try making this again or think about it properly and write back to you !! (?) 🙂 fingers crossed…
    hi chitchat, thanx for visiting my blog, & for your lovely comments too…

  15. Thanks a ton for the recipe and your patience to get through.

    Bread looks marvellous.. I am sure going to try this. BTW could you give the measurement in cups/spoon.